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Only on chapter 3 and I'm running out of ideas...

 AO3 Link

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 The second chapter of Running Up That Hill is up! [AO3 Link]
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I finally posted a fic!

: Running Up That Hill
Fandom: The Flash
Rating: M
Pairing: Eobard/Barry
Warnings: Character Death, Canon-Typical Violence
Summary: Eobard Thawne lost his soulmate during the Parademon invasion of Earth-69. In his grief he blindly ran to Earth-1, and met his soulmate's doppelgänger. He's determined to be with Barry again, even if this Barry seem to hate him. They are soulmate after all.

AO3 Link

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So I got back into Felisfire. Anyone want to join me?

You can make pretty cats like this:

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 Stronghold of the Mind By MK_Morreaux WIP

Summary: Lock and key. Slade Wilson unleashed Oliver’s violence. Slade Wilson taught Oliver control. Oliver didn’t realize that he would become both lock and key to Slade’s own scales of violence and control. He didn’t realize that what happened on Lian Yu would freeze him in precarious balance between the two extremes. Slade had been his own lock and key. There’s no moving forward if the right key does not turn and click in the right lock. Whether they deny it or not. (A retelling of Seasons 2 & 3 of “Arrow”) 

Inferno By greywind(lokistarked) WIP

Summary: The Queen’s Gambit sinks six months earlier then it originally did; leaving Oliver stranded and imprisoned in Fyers’ camp alongside Slade. A re-write of the events that took place on Lian Yu. (AU). 

Earning It By Skalidra

Summary: When he gets taken in by Slade, Oliver is expecting it to be a pretty miserable time since, after all, things on the Island never seem to go well for him. What he’s not expecting is to have to pay for Slade’s protection. And then there’s the fact that he doesn’t have anything to pay with…

Rough Night By FishEyenoMiko

Summary: When Oliver goes after his latest target, he runs into an unexpected complication. 

I’m Sorry By LadyPaige

Summary: Set during Deathstroke. What if Oliver had just said the words on his mind.

Slade, The Lady By LadyPaige

Summary: Female Slade and Male Oliver.

Failure to Communicate By storiesfortravellers

Summary: Trigger warning for consent issues/attempted noncon elements, and violence and verbal abuse between sexual partners. Slade wants to hurt Oliver in every possible way – physically, psychologically, and sexually. Oliver interprets this to mean that they are dating.

At Swordpoint By Misachan

Summary: Ollie and Slade do some sword training. It goes about the way you’d expect.

Under Your Hand By lj_todd

Summary: Slade stumbles on to Oliver masturbating. Instead of leaving and giving Oliver some time to finish in privacy, he decides to give the kid a hand.

Arboreal By misura

Summary: It probably says something about Oliver’s general state of mind that the second thing he thinks when his ankle gives way is: Slade’s going to be pissed (the first thing being shit!).

Rope Burn By Misachan

Summary: The training session’s not going well. Slade decides Ollie needs a little extra motivation.

Chasing Shadows Through the Darkness By agentsofthemcu

Summary: Slade nods. “You must be Tommy,” he says, glancing at Oliver out of the corner of his eye – another fast, wordless conversation – “I’ve heard plenty about you over the years.” Tommy smiles. (He wishes he believed that.) Season 1 AU

Ghosts Are Gone By Regann

Summary: After the events of the finale leave Oliver grief-stricken over his failures, he’s worried he might be losing his mind when a ghost from his past starts to haunt him. But when Dig and Felicity look into it, they realize there’s more at play than Oliver’s overactive imagination.

Sagittarius by Shaish 

Summary: “What’s the name of that one?”“What one?”“There,” Oliver says, pointing up between the trees.“Sagittarius,” Slade answers, fingers laced on his stomach.“What he didn’t tell you is that Sagittarius is the archer,” comes a voice.

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A list of links to my profiles on other websites, some of which I need to rework:

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My Chinese BL Novel Rec List:
针锋对决 by 水千丞 
Beloved Enemy
118 Chapters
原炀/顾青裴|Yuan Yang/Gu Qing Pei

Summary by me: First day at his new job Gu Qing Pei has been tasked to mentor the chairman's unruly son Yuan Yang. Yuan Yang is completely against the idea and thus began their story.

I love this story so much. It contains a lot of tropes I love - rivals/enemies to lover, age gap, and mentor/mentee. I love the way it is written. The character's feel alive. Gu Qing Pei's so goddamn charming that a lot of book fans wants him to be their lover. But I personally love Yuan Yang more, he has a horrible temper but he's very sweet to Gu Qing Pei. He's violent but he never raised his hand to Gu Qing Pei, even at the beginning when they didn't get along at all. It does gets angsty in the middle though so get ready for that. 

This novel has been adapted into a 15 episode web show without the BL part of it due to Chinese censorship laws. I suggest watching the stage play the web show cast put on at a fan meet since it follows the novel. 
逆袭 by 柴鸡蛋
Counter Attack| Falling in Love with a Rival 
283 Chapters
池骋/吴所畏|Chi Cheng/Wu Suo Wei
Summary by me: Wu Suo Wei's girlfriend of 7 years breaks up with him. He decided to get back at her by stealing her current boyfriend, Beijing's number one player, Chi Cheng. 

Okay, the only problem I have with this fic is that it is just too damned long. I had to force myself to finish reading it. But I do love the friendship between the four main characters. Wu Suo Wei and Chi Cheng is the main couple but the side couple of Gou Cheng Yu and Jiang Xiao Shuai also have a lot screen time and plays major roles in the plot. It's mostly sweet and hilarious but can also be very tear inducing at points. 

This novel has been adapted into an 8 episode web show but of course they couldn't fit 283 chapters worth of content into that many episodes so a lot of things had to be cut out.
你是男的,我也爱 by Angelina 
Even if you are a man, I love you| Like Love
109 Chapters
安子晏/麦丁|An Zi Yan/Mai Ding

Summary by me: Mai Ding goes to university and ends up falling for An Zi Yan, a handsome guy who lives in the dorm room next to him. 

This novel is just so sweet! There's really no overarching plot other than An Zi Yan and Mai Ding's relationship. So it's like a slice of life show in novel form. They are just university students in love and going through normal relationship problems which includes disapproval from their families. It's a light read and it's really funny. The only complaint I have about this novel is that they get together too fast for my tastes, I lean more towards slow burn.

This novel has been adapted into two movies, with the third one canceled once China tightened their censorship laws. The movies do follow the novels plot but the acting and the filmography isn't very good. 

镇魂 by priest 
106 Chapters
沈巍/赵云澜|Shen Wei/Zhao Yun Lan

Summar by me: While investigating a mysterious death at the Dragon City University Zhao Yun Lan meets Professor Shen Wei and is immediately stricken by his beauty and began shameless pursuing him. 

The novel has a tight plot that is steeped in Chinese mythology and folklore. Priest is really good at writing complex characters and situations. And Zhao Yun Lan was really shameless in his pursuit of Shen Wei in the beginning. And it is impossible for me to talk about this novel without mentioning the show. The show adapted from this novel is probably the most famous out of these four but honestly the novel is so much better than the show. I tried watching the show but I gave up at around episode 20 out of boredom. Plus I hate how weak they made Zhao Yun Lan in the show. He could take care of himself in the novel and they even made Shen Wei weaker in the show! In the novel everyone feared and respected him! Even Zhao Yun Lan was scared after he realized who he was hitting on the entire time! And the best part is that the novel has a happy ending! Please just read the novel! It is so much better!
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 A guide made mostly for my own amusement but I hope this helps someone who wants to read Chinese BL novels.

Chinese BL borrows a lot of terms from Japanese BL so you are gonna see some overlap. Also some of these terms are not limited to just BL but are general terms used online. 

功 - seme - the one who tops
受 - uke - the bottom
腐女/腐男 - fujoshi/fudanshi - lit. rotten girl/rotten boy - a term indicating a yaoi (sometimes yuri) fangirl/fanboy. I've also seen the term 腐民 (lit. rotten citizen) used as a general term for fans of BL/GL. 
腐剧 - lit. rotten show - BL TV shows or movies will be labeled with term.
耽美 - it means something akin to single beauty, I usually see this term used to indicate BL novels.
BL - boy's love - this is pretty self explanatory
百合 - lit. lily - yuri - term borrow from Japan to indicate GL
清水 - lit. clear water - indicating a fic that's without explicit sexual content
虐 - lit. oppressive - used to indicate angst/a sad plot/characters suffering
甜 - lit. - used to indicate cute and fluffy fics
HE - stands for happy ending
BE - stands for bad ending
肉/车 - lit. meat/car - indicating a fic that contains explicit sexual content
互功 - lit. mutual seme - a term used for a pairing where both characters can be the seme and usually switch roles during sex
反功 - lit. counter seme - a term used for when the uke wants to top his seme

More Under the Cut )
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All recommended fics are completed. 

Arrow (TV)

Scar Tissue by unconscious

Summary: There’s something unnerving about Oliver. Oliver is trying so hard to be good. He has warmth at the surface of his flat blue eyes. But below it, in that deep center that most people can’t find but John can’t seem to release, it’s just–empty. 4x05 coda. 

Found by JWAB

Summary: After Shado dies and Slade doesn’t, Oliver contends with the man Slade has become and remembers when things were better. But the past and the present have a way of telling the same story. Slash, my dears.

Earning It by Skalidra

Summary: When he gets taken in by Slade, Oliver is expecting it to be a pretty miserable time since, after all, things on the Island never seem to go well for him. What he’s not expecting is to have to pay for Slade’s protection. And then there’s the fact that he doesn’t have anything to pay with…

Ghosts are Gone by Regann

Summary: After the events of the finale leave Oliver grief-stricken over his failures, he’s worried he might be losing his mind when a ghost from his past starts to haunt him. But when Dig and Felicity look into it, they realize there’s more at play than Oliver’s overactive imagination.

I’m Sorry by LadyPaige

Summary: Set during Deathstroke. What if Oliver had just said the words on his mind.

Chasing Shadows Through the Darkness by agentsofmcu

Summary: Slade nods. “You must be Tommy,” he says, glancing at Oliver out of the corner of his eye – another fast, wordless conversation – “I’ve heard plenty about you over the years.” Tommy smiles. (He wishes he believed that.) Season 1 AU

Teen Wolf (TV)

To Have Outlived the Night by stillane

Summary: Derek steps away from the window. “You helped me. They took that as a declaration.”

but couldn’t good be good enough by lazulisong

Summary:“His dad is probably going to tell Stiles not to hang out with us,” says Boyd, taking a sip of his Coke.

Isaac gives Derek an utterly betrayed look, and Erica glares at him. “I told you not to wear those sunglasses!” she hisses.

“What if Stiles can’t hang out with us any more?” says Isaac wretchedly. “What if Scott doesn’t want to hang out with us because –”

“I said those were pedophile sunglasses!” says Erica, in a quiet, piercing whisper that makes Derek’s ears hurt.

Boyd continues eating his gyro, which he has laid out on a plate like a salad on a piece of flatbread, methodically picking out the tomatoes, feta and lamb and laying them to the side to eat after the lettuce. Boyd would eat his gyro if there was a bomb going off.

The Son Was an Okay Guy by blue_fjords

Summary: Chris Argent is a Hunter. Gerard Argent is a monster. To catch Gerard, Chris will use whatever tools at his disposal – namely, Derek Hale and his pack. Chris POV.

X-Men (Movies)

He/We/They/I by Yahtzee

Summary: In the aftermath of Magneto’s attack on Rogue at the Statue of Liberty in the first film, Rogue and “friends” accept’s Professor Xavier’s kind invitation to tea.

irreconcilable differences (make for surprisingly good bedfellows) by pocky_slash

Summary: Tonight on The Evening Report with Malcolm Stevens, noted geneticist and mutant equality proponent Dr. Charles Xavier faces off with the infamous mutant rights activist Magneto in a live televised debate over the Genetic Nondiscrimination Act. (At least, if they can stop flirting long enough to stay on topic.)

Burn Your Kingdom Down by spicedpiano

Summary: Erik’s people were brutally massacred when the Crusaders took Jerusalem. The sole survivor, Erik fled to northern Europe, only then to be captured as a thrall by Viking raiders. Since that day he has fought his way up to leading a group of Vikings on an invasion of the Christian mainland, killing every Crusader he can find. But when he captures a thrall of his own, a young witch who gives his name only as Charles, he discovers that there is a darker magic than his at work - and the fate of the known world may rest in his hands.

Reflections in Moving Water by Beatrice_Otter 

Summary: Crossover. When the BAU is ordered to update the profiles on the Brotherhood of Mutants, Rossi must revisit a past he doesn’t talk about.

Three Kinds of Learning by luchia 

Summary: Erik intends to recruit Raven’s supposedly amazing, all-powerful older brother. Instead, he finds himself dealing with Charles Xavier, a weak, tweed-addled professor who seems to think powers don’t matter nearly as much as personality. Erik’s misconceptions are blown apart when Raven goes missing. (Don’t forget to check out it’s sequel.)

Smallville (TV)

Revenge by astolat

Summary: Revenge is sweet. (It’s a Clark/Lex fic.)

Reconcilable Differences by astolat

Summary: Luthor Family Values. (It’s a Kon-El centred Clark/Lex fic. It has a sequel.)

Therapy Sessions by twilightHDfan

Summary: After another battle, and property damage, Superman and Lex are sent to therapy.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Revelations by astolat

Summary: When Thor fell, everything trembled. (It’s a thorki fic but it focuses on the Avengers.)

A Partial Dictionary Of The 21st Century By Captain Steve Rogers, US Army by copperbadge

Summary: Steve is adapting well to the new millennium, and he has the dictionary to prove it.

Outlast (Video Game)

Light Up The Dark by Miutinichisheno

Summary: A 30 chapter long fic that follows Eddie and Waylon in, escaping and outside of the asylum. Waylon makes a deal with one of the most dangerous patients at the asylum and Eddie doesn’t realise how over his head his plan for revenge leaves him. The two learn to cooperate and work together, finding themselves on the road as they escape Murkoff calling in favours here and there along the way. Waylon discovers just far he can really be pushed and Eddie begins to allow himself to shed the layers years of trauma, mistreatment, self-destruction and rage have built around him; the two becoming a duo that Murkoff will wish they’d never crossed.

Harry Potter

A Snake Named Voldemort by estalita11

Summary: After being turned into a snake and unable to change back, Lord Voldemort is forced to turn to the only other living Parselmouth, Harry Potter. After making a deal, Harry agrees to help the Dark Lord return to his human form. SLASH HP/LVTMR

Kuroko no Basket

Yellow by neko-nya (neko_fish)

Summary: After a body was found in a pond at a park 20 minutes away from Tokyo, Detective Kagami’s been assigned to the case. The victim: a member of the legendary Generation of Miracles who’d mysteriously vanished a decade ago. Enlisting the help of an old friend of the victim, the two will have to navigate through the world of Japan’s small but tight knit basketball community. (I cried so much when I read this. It has a sequel.)


Curvature of the Earth by peroxidepest17

Summary: The one where Dean doesn’t have a gay crisis because Sam has it for him.

Phases of the Moon by peroxidepest17

Summary: The one where Dean doesn’t have commitment issues because Sam has them for him. A sequel to “Curvature of the Earth”

Flames of the Sun by perodxidepest17

Summary: The one where Dean doesn’t have to defend his honor because Sam does it for him. A companion piece to “Phases of the Moon.”

Lucifer (TV)

Only Begotten by astolat

Summary: “Detective, when the Antichrist does make his grand entrance, which I assure you I’d have to know about well in advance, he won’t be killing people one by one,” Lucifer said dismissively. (It’s a crossover with Damien the TV show.)

Whosoever Believeth by astolat

Summary: It had been a month since Lucifer had brought Damien Thorn home with him like a stray kitten, and there was no sign he was planning to put him back out on the street anytime soon. (The sequel to Only Begotten.)

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I'm moving my fic recs from tumblr to here.

Barry/Eobard or Barry/Harry fics are here. It’s mostly Barry/Eobard fics. Complete fics only. BTW I’m 
Serenityreview on ao3.

Reversed by UnknownSatellite84

Summary: The year is 2182. A mysterious being appears, targeting both Flash and Reverse Flash. To survive, these two lifelong nemeses must find enough middle ground to work against it and face the truth of their hatred, their tainted history…and of each other. Nothing stays the same forever. Note - This is a futuristic AU set long after a re-imagined ending to season one - one in which Eobard escapes to the future before Barry returns from the night his mother died. Eventual Eobarry pairing. Slow-burn.

Seventh Heaven by UnknownSatellite84

Summary: With Flashpoint, Barry Allen is living the life he’d wanted since he was eleven. Unfortunately for him, there is an arrogant, volatile speedster named Eobard Thawne in a cage ready to ruin this new, perfect life…by seducing him into a dark, sexual one unlike any he’s ever had or will have. (This is a series of smut fics.)

Tempus Fugit by Kyele

Summary: Nora is dead. The Barry from the future – the Flash from the future – is gone. If Barry wants answers, if he wants to know why his future self had waved him off of saving his mother, he’s going to have to get them from a different source. Fortunately, he knows exactly where – or, rather, when – his answers may be found. April 25, 2024. (AU from the end of Season 1.)

Boogeyman by PepperPrints

Summary: “You’re not afraid of the dark, Barry. You’re afraid of being alone in the dark, and that goes away when you realize something. You’re never really alone.” (Eowells barely shows up in this one but his presence is felt through out. I love the way this is written. It is very atmospheric.)

Ghost by andthatiswhythelightningstruck

Summary: Or, four times (flashbacks) Barry Allen thought he saw Eobard Thawne and the one time he finally did. (Kind of. It’s complicated.) [Pre-2x01, leads up to Harrison/Barry meeting in 2x04.] (This fic really conveys a sense of loss and shows how Barry misses Eowells even though he shouldn’t, because they were lovers before the reveal.)

The Best By Far (Is You) by cardinalstar

Summary: Barry reset the timeline when he saved his mother from dying at the hands of the Reverse-Flash, but the alternate future that resulted wasn’t one he could live with. With the help of Vibe, he was able to reset the timeline and undo his previous mistakes - but while the new life Barry is now living resembles his original timeline in most of the ways that matter, he’s still struggling to adjust.

Of course, as usual, the devil is in the details. And when Eobard Thawne accidentally winds up in the basement of STAR Labs, demanding to be returned to his own time, again, Barry can’t help but feel like he and Cisco might have missed something important.

Watch the Stars That Tremble With Love and Hope by Rehfan

Summary: Eobard is fresh off helping The Flash round up the Royal Flush Gang and is winding down at home. Now if he could only shake the memory of Barry Allen’s smile. (tangent story for S1 Ep11: The Sound and the Fury)

Barry Allen and Eobard Thawne Walk into a Bar (or, He’ll Have the Temporal Mobius Strip, on the Rocks) by Ayankun

Summary: “This is exactly what I’m talking about,” he hisses, fist striking an invisible target as he rounds on the Flash, “We’re nothing more than some double-helix self-fulfilling prophecy. None of our choices actually belong to us. Nothing we do, or think, or say actually matters. How can you stand it?”

The Flash grits his teeth, moving from foot to foot in that way he does when he’s got more energy than he knows what to do with. “You’re wrong. You’re insane. I decide my own future.”

The words come caustic, bitter, dripping with acid. “No you don’t .”

The Man With The Crooked Spine by cocoa_the_maniac, ladyofpride

Summary: When he stops to consider all the things he’s accomplished in his life and how they’ve inevitably changed him, Harrison would openly admit that he has developed a remarkably flat character over the years. That is, to say, that despite the complexity he portrays to the outside world, there’s really only one overwhelming identity at his core: Harrison Wells is an unspeakably cruel man… (This was written before the reveal of Wells being the reverse flash but it really gets Eowells’ character right. This fic is mostly just Eowells and Joe talking about Barry but it is so good.)

The Hazards of Irresponsible Time Travel by dancesontrains

Summary: Barry paused for a moment to look at the disordered scene in Harrison Wells’s office. Clothes were spread all around the floor, and both Dr. Wells and Barry’s - doppelganger? fake? - were lying on the black couch. Naked, with the fake Flash on top of Dr. Wells. Barry quickly turned his eyes away, feeling the blush grow on his face. What on Earth…? (2x17 response fic. Does not take into account canon from later episodes.)

The Science Fiction Brady Bunch Dinner From Hell by jujubiest, preussisch_blau

Summary: Harrison Wells brings his daughter Jesse to Earth-1 for the first time, and the Wests have them over for dinner. Things get awkward–well, more awkward–when Iris takes it upon herself to invite Barry’s dad without telling him.

Fire and Ice (Would Suffice) by Themadwomanwhoisunfortunatelylackingabox

Summary: He would be nothing without Barry Allen. He knew this now: A world without Barry Allen would change him irrevocably, and that wouldn’t be for the better. No, the best thing would not be to rid himself of him, but instead to change him.

What better way than to gain his trust, his love, his affection?

There was nothing that made Barry Allen faster than his love, after all, and what a better partner, what a better villain he would be, than a faster Barry Allen.

There’s a Second Time For Everything by howelleheir

Summary: “Who the hell are you?!”

Wells stops in his tracks. In the short time he hid out beneath this Earth’s S.T.A.R. Labs, he heard his own name a few times, never fondly, and always in the past tense. Which means that this is going to be complicated, and also, possibly, that he’s about to get hit. Very hard, by something moving very fast. Turning and pulling back his hood, he keeps the pulse rifle lowered but at the ready and a wary eye on Allen’s face. (In which Barry has ill-advised sex with his dead, evil ex’s doppelganger in an abandoned basement)

The Kissing Game by Maraceles

Summary: OTP question to end all OTP questions: Who unconsciously holds their breath the first time they kiss, and who pulls back and says, “Breathe.”

the boys all love to stare by ohmcgee

Summary: It’s Halloween and Barry forgets to change out of his costume before rushing to the lab. (Smutty fun.)

A Devil Between Us by skyline

Summary: The worst part isn’t the noises; the angry groans that Jay Garrick pulls from Harrison Wells’s throat, or the slap of flesh on flesh. It’s not the way their hands brand each other’s hips, possessive and bruising, either.

The worst part is the way that Barry remembers this, a different man with the same face, doing those exact things to him with his lips and his tongue and his teeth, fingertips tracing over Barry’s sternum in time with his rapid-fire, hummingbird heartbeat.

time in a bottle by callunavulgari

Summary: “If I didn’t exist,” Thawne says, quietly, moving to slide his fingers up Barry’s jaw; they leave goosebumps in their wake. “Then neither would you. And if you didn’t exist… well. We won’t get into that mess. So the universe — the, hah, Speed Force — sent me here. A paradox, clinging to the cracks between time. Just… waiting.”

His thumb strokes there hesitantly, palm warm and weathered against Barry’s jaw. He wishes it weren’t so familiar. Wishes it wasn’t still so wanted. Barry swallows and watches Thawne’s eyes track the movement. He still hasn’t pulled away. Why hasn’t he pulled away? “W—” Barry coughs when his voice creaks alarmingly, and clears his throat. “Waiting for what?”

Thawne chuckles, his thumb brushing over the curve of Barry’s lip. He slides it across them, slow and measured, and when Barry gasps, dips the very tip inside. Just enough to wet it. And then he says, blue eyes heavy with intent, “For you, of course.“

Whatever May Come, Whatever May Go (Don’t Give Up) by elrhiarhodan

Summary: A direct sequel to It’s Thin Line (between love and hate). At the end of that story, Barry and Eobard had negotiated a cease-fire to the centuries of hostility, but it doesn’t last - not for an hour, or even a minute. At least not until a pair of happily married doppelgangers decides that enough is enough. (This is a part of a series. I’m reccing this because it’s my favourite one.)

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Here's the scene translations I talked about. Done by me. Spoilers ahead! 

From Chapter 1 - Gu Qing Pei's first impression of Yuan Yang

顾青裴还没来得及看清那个男人的相貌,先是被那一双大长腿给吸引住了。那双腿穿了一条很普通的水磨牛仔裤,随意地交叠着 ,光凭这双腿的长度,这人的身高可能接近一米九。

Gu Qing Pei didn't get a good look at the man's face, his eyes were drawn to the pair of long legs. Those legs were crossed casually and covered by a pair of pre-worn jeans. Judging by the length of those legs alone, the man must be near the height of 190cm. 

From Chapter 13 - First sign that Yuan Yang's attracted to Gu Qing Pei



Maybe the only way of dealing with this man is to strip him naked?

That thought scared Yuan Yang.
Spoilers beyond here... )
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I thought I'd put my most recent obsession here. It's a Chinese BL called 针锋对决 by 水千丞. The English name is Beloved Enemy.

Here's a summary from "Right on elite businessman Gu Qing Pei’s first day of work at his new workplace, the chairman throws his vigorous and arrogant son Yuan Yang at him. Yuan Yang sees through Qing Pei’s hypocrite mask, but due to his father pressuring him, he can’t hit him. Therefore, Yuan Yang learns for the first time that there are things that can’t be taken care of by money or fists. He continuously tries to get Qing Pei into trouble, but Qing Pei sees it lightly and calmy resolves every issue. However, things are about to change when Yuan Yang asks his friends to do a background check on Qing Pei and finally finds his achilles heel."

There's a webshow adapted from the novel, it's called 决对争锋 because to get past Chinese censorship laws they had to strip out all of the BL and change the relationship between Gu Qing Pei and Yuan Yang's relationship to bromance.

A List of Resources:

The original novel in Chinese. (There are translations of the novel available on Wattpad)
The webshow is on youtube with English subtitles.
The radio play adapted from the novel with English translations.
The stage play with scenes from the novel put on by the original cast of the webshow with English subs.
The behind the scene footage of the webshow.
The funny extras from the studio behind the webshow.

I might try my hand at translating my favourite moments from the novel and maybe a character analysis of Yuan Yang? Who knows.

Also I feel like I need to put up a massive rape warning for those wanting to read the novel.
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So tumblr just banned adult content from their website. So most of the user base are gonna jump track. I wonder where fandom's gonna go next. Apparently there's a site in beta called pillowfort, but I'm gonna wait and see. For the main time, I'm gonna be camping out here on my Dreamwidth, waiting for the dust to settle.
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I finally got a Dreamwidth account! I missed my LJ days!


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